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Agartha Games is the home of Combustible Penguins, a quick paced card game for 2 to 8 players. The Kickstarter goes live on July 9th and we will have more info about the game coming up! This site is also here to deliver news on modern board games, highlight some amazing games you may have missed, and to discuss gaming in general.

As of now we are a 1 man show, although will be looking to grow as new projects develop. I am generally excited to be a part of the board game community and share a passion for the board gaming hobby. I love to share great deals, cool giveaways and kick-starter projects with my friends, so I figured I’d just start sharing it with everybody!

So within this world (wide web) you will find info on board games, card games, dice games, party games or any type of game really. I set up this site to help me document my games, but I am already constantly researching games so I plan to fill it with the info I’ve learned.

The site is currently under construction, but do book mark it if you are interested in game and game creation because the site will be expanding very quickly with news, articles and thoughts!

Kyle Author

Hi I'm Kyle! I'm a MBA graduate that loves creating and playing games of all types. I created this site to help people keep up-to date on games I'm making as well as review games I love. Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments, questions or suggestions. Stay Amazing, Always!

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